Our Post Voice of Democracy Winner for 2022-2023.

Gannon Kassab

Placed First at Post 10095, First in District 6, and Fifth in the State of Florida.

Why is the Veteran Important?


Waking up in the morning, rolling out of your own bed, and brushing your teeth. Taking a hot shower, eating breakfast, making coffee, maybe playing some games on your phone for a minute or two, to delay going to work. It’s a much different morning than soldiers at war would have that day. Waking up to the sounds of yelling, with no time to arrange themselves, they grab what they need and go, maybe even skipping breakfast for emergencies. The danger they face in their jobs does not delay their response and dedication. In the face of adversities, these soldiers do not hesitate to defend the American right to freedom.


         So why do we forget about our veterans so often? Roughly 18 million American citizens are Veterans of our military. 18 million mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, neighbors and friends who have all made sacrifices to preserve our way of life. For anyone close to veterans, they can hear their stories of not only bravery and victory, but also grief and loss. These veterans remind us that freedom isn’t free. The lives we live are tradeoffs for the lives lost protecting us. While we go to the mall with friends, our soldiers lay in trenches. You have a nice dinner out at a restaurant, he eats his dinner from a plastic bag. While we tuck our children in at night, they wonder how much theirs have grown. The sacrifice of defending our country goes so much further than risking their lives and defending our nation, but they also sacrifice making memories with their families; missing first steps, birthdays, tee-ball games, and graduations, to ensure us citizens can enjoy those blessings instead. Their unwavering commitment and courage to the ideas of our democracy has upheld both our freedom and values we hold as Americans for generations past, and will continue for generations to come.


A hero is defined as someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. A hero is a veteran. They set an example for all Americans. Some veterans teach us sacrifice and selflessness, in giving their lives, and others teach us integrity and courage, by telling us their stories. We’ve all heard the phrase "freedom isn’t free”, and through the veteran, that phrase becomes reality. The luxuries of our free way of life are achieved by the sacrifices our veterans give for us. The lasting impact our veterans have given us in their teachings and honor deserves respect and recognition.


The debt we owe to our veterans can never be repaid, the same way that their wounds will never fully heal. We, the American people, are the true decorative medals that showcase the strength, integrity, and honor of our veterans.


A veteran is not just sacrifice or courage. A veteran is not just strength or values. A veteran is not just hard work or integrity. A veteran encompasses all, but is more than these qualities. A veteran is the face of America. Every laugh, every smile, every tear, every memory, and every freedom we have, is made possible by the veteran. For the history of America, our veterans have put this country and its people ahead of themselves. They have sacrificed, fought, and defended the American people. They have always considered America, its people, and its values more important than themselves, and that is what makes the veteran important.